Fun and Games Played in Indian Marriages

Fun and love is the essence of marriage. The marriage is the most important and the happiest moment in one’s life. It is the time, when a person gets to enjoy the most precious time with the family and friends. All those moments and pranks are such which cannot be rejoiced again. The games played during the marriage ceremonies are said to be a life time opportunity for the couple. Though, one can see a number of couples playing those games, but to actually practise that joy themselves is during the only time of marriage. Marriage is the time, when one goes through many changes; many ceremonies are practised, but the things, which one remembers all his life time is the games and pranks played with the relatives and the bride or the groom.

Everywhere, marriage is related to the element of seriousness and the responsibility, one gets after getting married. Marriage is always considered to be bond, which burdens the bride and groom, with a number of responsibilities and roles to play to keep the family and their life partner happy forever. A factor of contentment is something, which needs to be maintained and hence sustained in the married life of the couple, and the contribution has to be made from both the sides. Though it’s true, that the overall routine of the person changes in a great way after getting married, but the support, love, contentment and the confidence shown by the life partner are the things which are in a way are the four pillars of the married man, which helps him in leading a happy married life.

Marriage without the mixture of fun and nok-jhok, is like a flat coke, having no excitement in the drink, therefore the element of jolliness has to be in the married life. In fact, at the time of the marriage even, the bride and the groom are made to play loads of games and pranks, which makes the marriage more lively and happening. These things, helps in actually bringing the element of naughtiness and excitement in the marriage environment. The dull and the boring rituals can be made interesting and appealing with the addition of those games in the marriage.

Some of the games played after the marriage ceremony, when the bride comes to her in- laws house, with her husband are:

Find the ring:

This game is played to check, who will rule the married life among the couple, the bride or the groom. In this, they are required to take off their rings and are pour in a vessel full of milk and both the bride and the groom are asked to locate the rings in the vessel, whoever finds the ring first, is considered as the leader of the married life.

Jutta Chuppai:

Joota Chuppai is a very popular ceremony played in the Indian marriages. It is the game, in which the friends and the young children primarily the sisters of the bride, hide the footwear of the groom and in lieu of which they demand a huge amount of money as shagun. The ceremony is witnessed with a lot of tantrums and arguments, at the end of which the groom gives money to his salees.

Knotted Strings:

Sacred knots are ties in the hands of both the bride and the groom, which they have to open of each other, with the use of only one hand. The easiness, with which they open the knots, corresponds to the lifestyle and the smoothness they will have in their lives.

Thus, with the help of these entertaining rituals and ceremonies, one can make the wedding a joyous ceremony with a lot of chirpiness around.